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SL50 Curtain Walling System

Product description

The SL50 is a capped curtain walling system that has been designed to offer the highest performance through a combination of unique profile design and thermal optimisation.  Offering complete flexibility of design and functionality the SL50 includes a range of face caps to suit any project.

Our unique drainage and ventilation system, sited within glazing rebates, ensures an attractive finish with optimal weather performance. The system is available in a variety of mullion depths as well as in an enhanced thermal performance variant ‭ensures an attractive finish with optimal ‭weather performance. ‭The system is available in a variety of ‭mullion depths as well as in an ‭enhanced thermal performance variant. ‭For added design flexibility, the system ‭can be faceted, curved or sloped, and ‭drainage can be achieved through the ‭mullion or transom. The system has been ‭tested to CWCT Sequence B and has ‭been designed to be fully integrated ‭with AluK window, door and brise soleil ‭systems to provide  ‭a complete façade solution.

Design features

  • Mullions and transoms with external mechanical retain pressure-plate and cover-plate
  • For vertical, inclined and polygonal curtain walls and winter-gardens.
  • Traditional system of mullion, transom, pressure plate and cover cap of varying designs.
  • Frontal dimension of 50 mm
  • Heavy panes up to 690kg
  • insertion of projecting windows both with structural glazing and with mechanical retention


  • Integration with sub-structures (wood, steel).
  • High Insulation (optional) offering enhanced thermal insulation down to Ucw = 1,1 W/m²K.
  • Fire Resistance (optional) with the additional provision of fire resistance of up to EI30 and EW30 (EN 1364-3)
  • Peripherical and finishing profiles
  • All surface finishing available
AWW Classification Class A4 [600Pa]/ RE1200/ 2400Pa
Size limits  
Max glass thickness (mm) 6mm - 44 mm
Inward opening X
Outward opening X
Top hung X
Side hung X
Tilt & turn X
Fixed Light X
Parralel Opening Vent X
Projecting window X
Frame options 50mm

Download collateral.

Please click here to download supporting collateral for this product which includes the following;

  • Brochures
  • Data sheets
  • Wall charts
  • Profile and section drawings
  • Installation guides
  • BIM models

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