S140 Inline Sliding Door


Folding and Sliding Doors


The S140's vital statistics are impossible to ignore. Thermal U-Values of 1.1W/m²K (triple glazed) and 1.3W/m²K (double glazed). Panel weights of up to 400Kg. Sightlines as little as 89mm.
The list goes on. As do the benefits, including multiple configurations and a wide choice of colour finishes.


S140 The All New Doc L Compliant Sliding Door System

S140 Product Brochure


Design features

- Doc L compliant U-values for refurbishment & new build properties
- Slimline outer frame with flush frame-sash sight line
- 2-part triple track profile for ease of fabrication & installation
- Accepts 28mm - 48mm glazing
- Max 400kg panel weight
- Adjustable roller wheels +6mm


- Soft closer option available
- Multiple sliding configurations
- Dual or Tri rail options
- Available in single and dual colour
- Anodised finishes also available

Application type

Residential and non residential. New and refubishment

  S140 Inline
U value W/m²K (Double glazing) : 1.3
U value W/m²K (Triple glazing) : 1.1
Water tightness (Pa) : Class 6a (250Pa)
Wind load (Pa) : Class 3a (1200Pa)
Air permeability : Class 4 (600Pa)
Duo Rail : x
Tri rail : x
Size limits
Max Vent Weight : 400kg
Sightline (Head) : 117.6mm
Sightline (Cill) : 117.6mm
Sightline (Jamb) : 117.6mm
Sightline (Meeting Stile) : 89mm
Max glass thickness (mm) : 48mm
Dual color option : x
Multi-point locking : x
Glazing options : Internal
Glazing thickness : 20 - 48mm