Clip-In Bead

Quik Clip™

The Quik Clip™ clip-in bead from AluK is the latest revolution in our product design processes, making the BSF70 bifold door installation quicker, easier and more efficient for fabricators and installers.


This new clip-in bead saves time and hassle, and there’s no compromise on quality or performance. Our experience has allowed us to develop Quik Clip™ so that it makes real, tangible improvements to our customers’ installations. 

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Simplicity, Redefined

The Quik Clip™ clip-in bead is a simple yet effective addition to our bifold door products, from the factory right through to the site. Its simplicity masks just how useful it is and how very real the time and effort savings will be. This clip-in bead clips into place securely in seconds – and the same when it clips out, just as easily, with no risk of damage to the glass. 



Easy To Use

With its straightforward clip-in and clip-out usage, the Quik Clip™ is easy to fit factory-side or installation-side and can be carried out without force or any special tools. Our clip-in bead works with a sliding gasket, though this can be replaced by a standard wedge gasket without needing to the change Quik Clip™ itself.  


Competitive in Every Way

Quik Clip™ is an simple and effective addition to our door installation process. It is competitively priced and highly competitive in its performance too – this clip-in bead doesn’t compromise on either quality or performance. It saves time for both fabricators and installers alike and reduces time and hassle, with benefits all the way from the to the homeowner. 


Quik Clip™ for Bifold Doors

Here at AluK, we’re transforming the way bifold doors are fabricated and installed, and our Quik Clip™ clip-in bead is our next advancement towards this. With this, we’re redefining simplicity in this product throughout the process. 

Save time and hassle with our new clip-in bead for bifold doors and ultimately, other products as well. We don’t rest on our laurels. We’re always looking for ways to improve. Quik Clip™ is a huge stride towards this and demonstrates our commitment to innovation. 



Clip-In Beads from AluK

For market-leading products with innovative, time-saving additions from fabrication to installation, choose AluK. Our Quik Clip™ clip-in bead is as simple as it is effective, saving time and money from manufacturer to homeowner. 


Easy to clip-in and clip-out, Quik Clip™ works exactly as it sounds. There’s no compromise on quality or performance, including allowing exceptional sightlines on your bifold doors. Redefine simplicity with the new clip-in bead from AluK. Contact us today.