About us

We Are Trusted, Tried and Tested 

AluK GB is a leading aluminium systems house with over 25 years’ experience in designing innovative, energy-efficient windows, doors and curtain wall products. From our 350,000 sq ft facility in the UK, we provide tailored facade systems for any commercial, residential or industrial application. 


Who we are

We are AluK – a global leader in the design, engineering and distribution of aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall solutions. A family-owned business, we are driven by entrepreneurship, evidenced in the continual growth of the AluK brand and its global footprint.  

We have operations in 10 countries and regions, from America to Asia, with over 2600 clients and more than 800 collaborators in more than 50 countries worldwide.  

Our products are specified in many of the world’s most advanced buildings. With an annual turnover of €180m, we have the stability to continue building on over 70 years of experience, innovation and growth.  

In the UK, AluK GB has amassed over 25 years of experience as a leading aluminium systems house with an enviable reputation. Our products are trusted by fabricators for their innovation and reliability, and our support is valued by our loyal customers.  

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with specifiers and architects to achieve energy-efficient, beautifully designed buildings that have a low carbon footprint.  

From our 350,000 sq. ft facility at our UK headquarters, based in Chepstow, Wales, we engineer the finest, tailored aluminium façade systems. All our market-leading systems are developed and produced by our own in-house research and development team. We also design, produce and manufacture our own fittings and hardware. 

Our systems meet and exceed industry standards, and are tested and certified in our 3rd party accredited facilities. 

our Expertise​

Driven by Purpose

As a global business, our purpose is to help create better places to live, learn, work and grow.  

Our vision is to become the world’s preferred partner in aluminium windows, doors and façade solutions, providing products that are not only smart in technology but highly carbon and energy-efficient.  

We aim to achieve this goal by constantly improving the quality of our products and services, by supporting our trusted network of fabricators, and enhancing the lives of every person who uses our products.  



350,000 sq. ft
factory space with 500 sq. ft design studio, based in Chepstow


4000 sq. ft 
architectural design studio in central London


4,500 tonnes
aluminium sold per year
£190m installed value