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28 Sep 2018

We’re proud to be one of the leading manufacturing businesses in this part of Wales, so we were thrilled when our MD Russell Yates was invited to a Round Table event organised by Wales Business Insider magazine recently on the topic of Manufacturing.

Sitting alongside the likes of Warren Lewis, Head of Corporate Banking for HSBC Wales and Gareth Davies, Chief Financial Officer for Magstim, Russell was one of nine key business figures from the region taking part.

They were all asked their views on everything from growth opportunities and supply chain issues to improving skills and boosting quality. For Russell, it was a great opportunity to talk about our investment in our integrated vertical paint line and FOX flash oxidisation plant, and to point out how we are raising the bar on product quality worldwide from our base here in Chepstow.

Like several other panellists though, Russell also talked about the impact which Brexit is already having on our market and about the opportunities which are being created for AluK from the upturn in housebuilding.

The round table is reported much more fully in the October issue of Wales Business Insider – you can have a look here.

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