14 Jul 2022

All You Need To Know About Approved Document L In Windows And Doors

All You Need To Know About Approved Document L In Windows And Doors

As architects and specifiers get to grips with the latest round of updates in the 2022 Building Regs, we have produced a useful new CPD which simplifies the changes in the new Approved Document L as they apply to windows and doors.

Aluminium windows and doors remain the most popular option amongst specifiers, largely because of the slim sightlines and the sustainability of the material. There were some initial concerns voiced that the lower U-Values contained within the new Doc L would prove challenging to achieve in aluminium, but as the CPD explains, AluK’s engineering excellence has enabled us to develop new HI (High Insulation) versions of our products which comply using either double or triple glazing.

For us, it was never about trying to fudge compliance on Document L as some in the sector have done. We have always felt that, as a fully recyclable material with relatively low levels of embedded carbon, aluminium has an important contribution to make in reducing emissions from homes. As the industry moves towards 2025 and the implementation of the Future Homes Standard, we’re embracing the opportunity it gives us as an environmentally responsible systems supplier to be able to lead the way.

Our new CPD sets out clearly for specifiers the new notional and limiting U-Values set for installations in both new build and replacement dwellings and for buildings other than dwellings. It includes the figures for windows, roof windows and curtain walling, as well as for doors with more than 60% glazing, such as our sliders and bifolds.

What we think is particularly useful is the clear explanation of how these lower U-Values can be assessed and reported by suppliers, using either actual sizes and configurations for commercial applications or standard sizes and configurations for domestic projects.

We also cover the enhancements that have been made by a range of aluminium systems companies to their product ranges to make sure that they can comply with the new U-Values, with the focus on our new HI range.

The presentation explains how we added reformulated thermal breaks and insulation foams to the cavities of our profiles to reduce the thermal transmission from inside to out and it reassures specifiers that the aesthetics and the fabrication methods remain exactly the same – with no Part L surcharge!

The new CPD is available to book now via: Learning Platform 

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