26 Aug 2022

AluK Reveals That Installers Still Need Info on Part L

AluK Reveals That Installers Still Need Info on Part L

It might be more than two months since the rules changed on Part L of the Building Regs, but AluK says there is still a real hunger for knowledge and information at the sharp end of the industry.

Having delivered one of the most extensive communications programmes in the industry to its network of fabrication partners, AluK is now also talking directly to installers to help ensure that the messages about how to respond to the tougher thermal efficiency requirements have reached the people who actually have to demonstrate compliance via Building Control or any of the certification agencies.

Michael Williams, AluK’s Managing Director, says that fabricators are still reporting relatively low levels of awareness amongst their customers of what Part L means for them in both the retail and the new build sectors and in the different regions of the UK. This is borne out by the fact that AluK has just had a record 36% open rate on its most recent email to installers about the topic and almost 350 downloads of its two Part L Guides covering England and Wales from our Part L website 

Michael explains: “There has obviously been a huge amount about Part L in the trade press and online, but a significant minority of installers have clearly either been too busy to engage with that or have been caught out by the speed at which the updated Regs have come into force. Many in fact are still questioning whether they need to do down the U-Value or WER/DSERs compliance route and whether they now have to fit triple glazing, and are looking for answers from their suppliers.

“We have already provided a number of tools to our fabricators to help them get the message across to their customers that AluK products have been enhanced to deliver compliance via either route, and that their costs don’t need to rise because we’ve achieved that using double rather than triple glazing. 

“However, there is still obviously work to do, so we’ve given installers full access to our dedicated Part L website which contains all they need to know and have created a useful guide to Part L specifically for them which shows exactly what they need to do in order to comply.”

Installers can download the free AluK Part L guides via: https://www.alukgb.com/learning/what-is-doc-l or they can request a printed copy from: info.uk@aluk.com

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