06 Dec 2021

Part L Round Table - Available to Download Now

Part L Round Table - Available to Download Now

Recorded as a podcast, which is available to download now via the AluK website or the usual podcast outlets, it covered everything from whether the changes coming to Part L have been communicated well enough, to the design and manufacturing implications, and of course the likely costs.

The round table panel comprised: Sioned Roberts and Dale Pegler from AluK, Gareth Allen from Saint Gobain, Craig Bryant from Maco, Ryan Johnson from Emplas, Kevin Jones from the GGF, John Miles from Assent Building Control and Mark Taylor from architects Allies and Morrison. Each contributed a different perspective on the likely implications of the proposed two stage reduction in U-Values between 2022 and 2025, and there was plenty of discussion and debate on who would be required to pay for that.

In terms of themes to emerge, there was general agreement that not enough had yet been done to communicate the likely changes to either the specification or manufacturing sector, and also a consensus that there will need to be better collaboration right across the industry in order to develop holistic solutions which solve the challenges posed by what are quite significant reductions in U-Values.

On the question of whether it meant a wholesale shift towards triple glazing in the future, most on the panel agreed that, at this point, it seems inevitable; with Dale Pegler from AluK, Gareth Allen from Saint Gobain and Craig Bryant from Maco all reporting that their businesses were making plans for that.

And, when it came to costs and how the industry will recoup the investments that will be required, the onus was firmly on finding a way to pass these on to homeowners – with a communications programme required to explain the changes happening in windows and doors. 

There are some very interesting contributions on the podcast from Kevin Jones at the GGF and John Miles from Assent Build about possible transitional arrangements, potential conflict between the new Part L on thermal performance, Part F on ventilation, Part Q on security and what is expected to be named Part S on overheating. 

Listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

All the details and the link to download the podcast are at: https://www.alukgb.com/learning/fhs

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