28 Nov 2022

So Good They Won It Twice!

So Good They Won It Twice!

AluK was rewarded for its extraordinary efforts to support customers through the changes to Part L of the Building Regs with a second win at the G-Awards for Customer Care Initiative of the Year.

AluK led the aluminium sector throughout 2022 in its response to Part L - making sure customers understood exactly what the changes would mean and giving them the tools they needed to comply across every sector. Re-engineered products, dedicated customer Forums, a comprehensive communications campaign and a whole raft of useful support including training, downloadable guides, videos and website content were all part of a coherent and comprehensive package.

From a Round Table and Part L podcast in October 2021 to the launch of new HI products in June 2022, AluK rose to the challenge in a really impressive way.

Sales Director Wayne Heath who accepted the Award on behalf of the AluK team from comedian and G-Awards host Huw Dennis said: “AluK’s focus from the moment the changes to Part L were announced was on ensuring our customers could make a success of them. We channelled significant resources into a product development programme which meant customers could achieve compliance without having to use costly triple glazing and delivered user-friendly Part L guides which they could share with their installers.”

AluK picked up the same Customer Care Award in 2021 for its creation of an online Marketing Academy which provided free tools and advice to customers as they navigated their way out of the Covid lockdown.

Wayne added: “ As a supplier, we recognise just how important it is that we add value to our customers’ businesses – whether that comes in the form of sales and marketing support, technical advice, new product development or training. With two G-Awards in two years for Customer Care, we’re clearly getting lots of things right.”

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