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Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

27 Feb 2019

We’re talking a lot in our marketing at the moment about how we’re Leading the Way in aluminium.  Two of the areas we’re focusing on are expertise and support and we’re demonstrating just what we mean in this piece which appears in in the Building Envelope Supplement of Architect’s Datafile magazine this month. Read more here.

Here, our Major Projects Manager Jon Sheaf is explaining what to consider when drawing up specifications for curtain walling projects. He’s advising on everything from optimising the water and air tightness, to drainage and attaching solar shading, walkways and signage.

Crucially, he covers the benefits of working with a specialist like AluK early on in a project to achieve a finished façade which meets the performance requirements of a building whilst also remaining cost effective. He also advises on the factors such as cell size, wind load, building movement and positioning inboard or outboard of the slab which can affect the choice of mullion or transom used.

The article is illustrated with one of our most impressive recent case studies in curtain walling – at a newly opened Nandos restaurant in Swindon. This gave us just the sort of challenge which we relish – diagonally shaped curtain walling, leaning outward and without a single regular pane or glass or panelling beyond the entrance doors. The result really does look great.  

Our expertise in curtain walling and our extensive product range mean we can take on any project with ease. Have a look here: https://uk.aluk.com/en-gb/products/curtain-walls

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