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Tested Tried Trusted

12 Nov 2019

In an aluminium market where the established order is increasingly being challenged by a growing band of newcomers, AluK argues that its ‘Tested, Tried, Trusted’ branding has never been more relevant.

Managing Director Russell Yates says that when it comes to aluminium, there really is no substitute for either knowledge or experience.

He says: “For us, ‘Tested, Tried Trusted’ is more than just a brand. It effectively sums up AluK’s whole approach to the UK market. All of our products are comprehensively performance tested by us on the 7m x 8m in-house testing rig at our factory Chepstow before being independently tested to achieve the broadest raft of quality and security accreditations.

“We’ve been in the aluminium market for 25 years now which means our products have been successfully tried in every conceivable application and, as such, they are trusted by trade, retail and commercial customers to perform to the very highest standards and to go on doing so for decades.

“There is real substance behind our brand then, and we are very confident in demonstrating that – not just in how our products perform but in how we perform as a company. We know that we are experts in aluminium, with proven ability to partner and build relationships with our customers to help them grow their businesses.

“We understand the needs of the aluminium trade fabricator – from making sure our products are easy to manufacture and install, to providing top quality sales and marketing support. We also, of course, have exceptional demand planning expertise in house which ensures that we have the right products in stock whenever our customers need them.

“That doesn’t mean we are complacent about our position though. Several of the newcomers represent a real challenge to all the big aluminium suppliers, but I believe at AluK we are amongst the best placed to respond.

“We already have the biggest and most impressive production set up in the UK with our own inline vertical powder coat paint line and fully integrated flash oxidisation pre-treatment plant. We also have design studios which customers can use in Chepstow and in the heart of London’s design community and a team who are hugely experienced in aluminium. Crucially, we have the backing of a global group willing to make ongoing investments in product development and resources to support our customers.

“We have earned our reputation for innovation over more than two decades in the UK and, from our iconic BSF70 bi-fold to our brand new 70mm window system, we continue to generate notable ‘firsts’ in the marketplace.

“I genuinely believe that AluK leads the way now in everything from service to quality and from customer support to training, with our own purpose built Academy, also in Chepstow, delivering a huge range of free courses to fabricators, installers and specifiers all year round.

“Obviously, we are keeping a close eye on the new entrants to the market, but our primary focus is on expanding our product range and strengthening the partnerships we have with our customers which are so integral to our success. We know the value that those customers place on our knowledge and experience and also on the strength of our brand.

“Any kind of competition is welcome, but only in as much as it drives established suppliers to raise their standards even higher.”

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