SG52 Curtain Walling System


Curtain Walling


The SG52 Curtain Walling System is a flexible and high performance structurally bonded system. This aluminium curtain walling system enables specifiers to create impressive continual expanses of glass that not only enhance the aesthetics of a building but also provide the functionality and performance required to meet and exceed current standards.


Design features

  • Structurally bonded finish to minimise external sightlines
  • Fully integrates with AluK window and door ranges
  • 52mm high rise curtain walling system
  • Can be faceted, curved or angled
  • Several drainage methods including mullion and zonal
  • Large range of box sizes to optimise small to large spans of glazing
  • CWCT certified


  • Fully integrated vent options including POV, TBT and Top Hung
  • Glazing and infill range from 6mm - 50mm
  • Available in single or dual colour option, polyester powder coating and anodised finishes
  Structurally glazed system
AWW Classification : 600Pa/ Static 1500Pa, Dynamic 600Pa/ 2400Pa
Size limits
Max glass thickness (mm) : 32mm - 40mm
Top hung : X
Side hung : X
Tilt & turn : x
Fixed Light : X
Parralel Opening Vent : X
Frame options : 52mm