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Good, Better, Best - A product range to suit any project on any budget

24 Aug 2018

In an industry where it’s not uncommon for fabricators and installers to have two, three or even four different aluminium suppliers for different products*, AluK has worked hard to make all the juggling and hassle that goes along with that totally unnecessary.

With the creation of our Optio, Luminia and Infinium product tiers, we have given our customers a clearly defined ‘good, better, best’ offering which means you really can buy an AluK product to suit any project and any budget, without needing to source alternative products from elsewhere.

Optio is the home of our iconic BSF70 bi-fold door and our BSC94 sliding doors, as well as our popular 58BD doors and 58BW windows, which work in new build, heritage, or refurbishment settings. These are the products at the core of our range, designed to give fabricators and installers a quality offering for mainstream residential and light commercial projects and the value driven retail market.

Luminia meanwhile is our new premium brand targeted at higher spec residential developments and at more demanding retail buyers who are willing to pay a little more for market leading aesthetics and performance. The flagship product in our Luminia range is of course the brand new F82 bi-fold, but it will be followed very shortly by our new SC156 lift and slide door.

If Optio is ‘good’ and Luminia is ‘better’, then our Infinium range is unashamedly ‘best’. Available only to selected fabricators who are geared to targeting the kind of high end projects typically seen on Grand Designs, the Infinium sliding door is the ultimate in minimalist understatement with sightlines of just 21mm and motorised operation.

Whether customers are targeting the trade, residential or commercial markets, they can relax knowing that they can single source from AluK and vastly simplifying their operations without having to compromise on budget, specification or performance. Our team of Experts in Aluminium can of course provide help and advice on all the products in our range.

To discover more about our project ranges or to discuss an upcoming project, send an email here or call us on 01291 639739.

*Insight Data Industry Report 2017 – 56% of aluminium fabricators use one system, 23% use two and 21% use three or more.

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