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Luminia F82 bi-fold door

Product description

Innovation, not imitation.

The Luminia F82 bi-fold door has been designed with style and performance front of mind, whilst continuing to push the industry forward by delivering unrivalled innovation and installation simplicity. 

For starters, it delivers an industry-best 1.3 U-Value thermal performance for double glazed units and 0.9 U-Value for triple glazed. Larger glazing panels, faster fabrication and installation thanks to fewer parts and profiles. While panel size options of up to 3000mm provide complete project flexibility. 

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Design features

  • Unique flush pop-out handle for ease of operation, removing the need for additional unsightly handles
  • Unique traffic door handle
  • Heavy Duty compact rollers as standard
  • Both frame and cill sightlines of 97mm
  • 122 Slimline Interlock 
  • Low threshold
  • Larger glazing area


  • Square bead
  • Glazing 28mm - 44mm
  • Available in a range of opening configurations
  • Available in a range of single or dual colour and anodised finishes
  • All configurations available open in and open out
U value W/m²K (Double glazing) 1.3 W/m²K
U value W/m²K (Triple glazing) 1.1 W/m²K
Air tightness (Pa) Class 3 (600pa)
Water tightness (Pa) Class 5a (200pa)
Wind load (Pa) Class 4A (1600pa)
Certifications npd
Security PAS 24 PAS 24
Opening Open in and open out
2-2-0 X
3-3-0 X
3-2-1 X
4-4-0 X
4-2-2 X
4-3-1 X
5-5-0 X
5-3-2 X
5-4-1 X
6-6-0 X
6-3-3 X
6-4-2 X
6-5-1 X
7-7-0 X
7-4-3 X
7-5-2 X
7-6-1 X
Size limits  
Max Vent Weight 150 Kg
Sightline (Head) 97mm
Sightline (Cill) 97mm
Sightline (Jamb) 97mm
Sightline (Meeting Stile) 122mm
Max sash width (mm) 1200mm
Max sash height (mm) 2500mm std > 3000mm
Frame dimension 82mm
Dual color option X
Multi-point locking X
Glazing options Internal bead
Glazing thickness 28mm - 54mm

Download collateral.

Please click here to download supporting collateral for this product which includes the following;

  • Brochures
  • Data sheets
  • Wall charts
  • Profile and section drawings
  • Installation guides
  • BIM models

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