S140 Lift & Slide Door


Folding and Sliding Doors


The slim sightlines of the new S140 Lift and Slide mean more glass and less frame -  opening up the views to the outside and letting more natural light flood in.
The flush sash aesthetic gives the door a minimalist, contemporary look which appeals to retail buyers and developers alike, and it offers maximum configurability so that it can be used in applications from high end homes to high rise apartments.
There are double and triple track frame options available with the 140mm frame depth, a choice of double and triple glazing, and capacity for thicker acoustic glass if required.
There is no compromise on performance either – the S140 can achieve impressively low U-Values of just 1.2Uw double glazed and 0.8Uw triple glazed, it boasts excellent wind and water resistance and air permeability scores.

S140 Data sheet

For fabricators, the S140 comes with the option of a dedicated sub cill and simple add-on for trickle vents, and it is the latest door in the AluK range to feature our Quik Clip clip-in bead system.

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Design features

- Doc L compliant U-values for refurbishment & new build properties
- Slimline outer frame with flush frame-sash sight line
- 2-part triple track profile for ease of fabrication & installation
- Accepts 28mm - 48mm glazing
- Max 420kg panel weight


- Multiple sliding configurations
- Dual or Tri rail options
- Available in single and dual colour
- Anodised finishes also available
- Quik Clip
- Dedicated cill

Application type

Residential and non residential. New and refubishment

  S140 Lift & Slide
U value W/m²K (Double glazing) : 1.2
U value W/m²K (Triple glazing) : 0.8
Water tightness (Pa) : Class 8A (450 Pa)
Wind load (Pa) : Class 4C (1600 Pa)
Air permeability : Class 4 (600 Pa)
Duo Rail : x
Tri rail : x
Size limits
Max Vent Weight : 420kg
Sightline (Head) : 117.6mm
Sightline (Cill) : 117.6mm
Sightline (Jamb) : 117.6mm
Sightline (Meeting Stile) : 89mm
Max glass thickness (mm) : 48mm
Dual color option : x
Multi-point locking : x
Glazing options : Internal
Glazing thickness : 20 - 48mm