GT55 NI Commercial Door




The GT55 NI door provides the ultimate in security and is suited to high traffic environments where no insulation is required. One of the most secure swing doors available on the market. The system has been fully tested with full glazing, no use of steel reinforced panels, as well as with semi-glazing and can be integrated with our ground floor treatment systems.


Design features

  • Sightlines of 145mm (single door) and 176mm (double door)
  • Anti-finger trap styles
  • Mid-rail and lay bar
  • Angular corner feature designs


  • Glazed or non-glazed options
  • Available with a full range of security and customisable hardware
  • Electronic and manual access systems easily integrated
  • Available in single or dual colour option, polyester powder coating and anodised finishes
  GT55 NI Single GT55 NI double
U value W/m²K (Double glazing) : 3.6 W/m²k 3.05 W/m²k
U value W/m²K (Triple glazing) : 3.42 W/m²K 2.86 W/m²K
Acoustic performance (dB) : npd npd
Air tightness (Pa) : Class 0 (0 Pa) Class 0 (0 Pa)
Water tightness (Pa) : Class 1A (0 Pa) Class 1A (0 Pa)
Wind load (Pa) : Class 0 (0 Pa) Class 0 (0 Pa)
Durability EN1191 category : 50,000 Cycles 50,000 Cycles
Size limits
System depth : 110 mm 110 mm
Maximum door leaf size : 1100mm x 2400mm 2200mm x 2400mm
Maximum door leaf weight : 80 kg 80 kg
Glazing thickness : 24mm - 28mm 24mm - 28mm
Thermally broken : - -
Low threshold : X X
Panel door : X X
Multi-point locking : - -
Barrel hinges : X X